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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things I Learn On a Mountain Bike

So, I had saved up some money for the past year and after some pressure from my hubby, decided to buy a mountain bike.  He got a great deal on it and it sat in our garage for about 6 months maybe.  Well, for Valentine's Day, we did a double date Friday night ride with our friends, the Wallaces.  It was great.  A few weeks after that, Levi & Blain got me to go on a Sunday afternoon ride at RCP.  Well, last night, we went for a ride at Squabble Creek.

So, I am learning some things about myself through my mountain bike.

First, the White Rock Lake ride...very relaxing.  I was able to chat with my friend while I rode.  It was chilly but I was still sweating and getting exercise.  The road was wide and it was easy to stay the path.  I had my bike shorts with the padded hiney on and my gloves and it helped but it was a pretty smooth ride.

Second, RCP ride was definitely more challenging, my first "trail" ride.  I had Levi in front of me and Blain, behind me. Blain is an excellent teacher.  We thought it would be best if Blain gave me the instruction....that was wise.  Well, within the first 3 minutes on the trail, I ran into a tree and fell off of my bike...I know, right?!  Some of the trails were very narrow and it was hard for me to stay in the middle.

Third ride, Squabble Creek.  I freaked out the first 10-15 minutes and was ok. I even did a couple of the dips...while screaming of course.

So, here's what I learned:
  • having someone to go before you and "call" out what's coming is very helpful
  • having someone behind you is also helpful because they can encourage and correct
  • falling doesn't hurt near as much as I thought it would
  • I have BAD depth perception
  • hitting a tree does hurt
  • getting back on the bike after a fall or scary moment conquers fear
  • not knowing what is coming freaks me out
  • hearing my husband cheer me on makes my heart feel all warm & fuzzy
  • when I'm scared, I sweat a lot
  • I'm not so confident through the twists and turns
  • riding on a huge road is a lot easier than keeping myself on a narrow trail
  • having the right equipment (padded shorts, biking gloves, helmet) makes riding easier
  • you're supposed to look at where you want to go (not at the narrow tree gates, creek, tree, etc) and you'll magically go there
  • I'm a very vocal rider, I make lots of fun (and probably annoying) sound effects
  • spandex is humbling, I'll leave it at that
  • I like seeing my improvement...the way I ride in the first 15 minutes is SO much different than my last 15 minutes
  • I enjoy riding with my husband. I know it's not near as much fun or physically exhilarating as when he rides fast and with Blain but it's sweet that he takes me.
  • each time I ride, I feel a sense of accomplishment

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