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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


17 my thoughtful husband, he got me a tablet with his reffing money
18 a job that helps us and keeps me using my education and a great woman to work for and with
19 my friends, I am consistently reminded of how blessed I am with genuine, meaningful friendships
20 April- who is a great friend but also has been a great encourager in pushing myself past what I thought I could do...HELLO Warrior Dash!
21 warm, winter clothes.  today was freezing and it made me thankful for warm shoes, socks, and clothes. I realize a lot of people don't have that.
22  Christmas decorations and the inspiration from my mother in law.  She is a Christmas FREAK and I think she sprinkled me with something because my house has turned into a Christmas wonderland. I think we're up to 9 trees....I know it's madness but I LOVE IT!!!
23 Baby Jesus; having kids was really a spiritual experience for me (not so much the actual having them but the emotion and all of that -probably a lot of hormones too as i look back).  As we celebrate His birth, I'm reminded that Mary must have been scared out of her wits about all of this.  Mary must have been an incredible woman (duh).  She endured so much with His birth and death.  I am so amazed by her humility and willingness to go through all of that.
24.  my sister (she sent me some makeup today and put giftcards in there for my kids).  She is so thoughtful and considerate. She is definitely the nicer of the two of us.

I'll finish tomorrow...we're about to go eat.

Okay I'm back so I'll finish tonight!!

25.  my heritage.  I had (that is so weird to type) the best grandparents ever.  I learned a lot from them and am so thankful for the legacy they left for me.  My Memaw & Papa were incredible giving people.  They helped anyone and everyone and when you were with them, you felt like family (even if you weren't).  My Grandma was also a lover of people. She worked with people that were less fortunate than her and needed help. she always treated people with dignity and respect.  I wish my kids could know them.

26. Memaw's fruit cake. I make it homemade and it is delicious.  It's actually orange slice fruitcake...YUMOLICIOUS!!!

27.  music  I love that I get to sing with our band at church.  They are wonderful musicians and I really am lucky to play/sing with them.

28.  our little city.  I love it here.  I love the people. I love that we can go places and run into friends.

29.  Levi's willingness to "work" on his day off. Yesterday he cleaned our rug (I"ll spare the details of why but it was a BIG job).  He also steam cleaned our floor (I got a Shark over the weekend).  He also helped with all the Christmas decorating and getting stuff up and down out of attic.  I appreciate that more than he knows.

30.  The way my kids love me.  I love that at 4am K man still tells me he loves me with a big grin. I love that A will run up and give me a huge hug just because she wants too.  I love my kids more than I ever thought I could love someone.

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