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Saturday, May 29, 2010


This week was my birthday.  Birthdays are not as big of a deal as they used to be. AL & LJ were very sad that I wasn't having a party.  She especially kept asking what kind of cake I would have and who was coming, etc etc etc.  LJ asked me if I was going to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. It was cute!!  A few months ago a friend asked me if I wanted to go see Wicked with her (and a group of others) and it was sometime in May.  Well, yes i wanted too and I connived with EL and it was going to be part of my mother's day and part birthday.  Last week, EL found a FAB deal on a camera that I've been wanting to that was the other part of my birthday.  I knew what I was getting, no surprise there.  It just wasn't a big deal.  BUT, when I woke up Thursday..back up.  Wednesday night we had "restaurant night" with our C group (BIG C group, our original group split into 3 and everybody is invited to restaurant night once a month).  It was awesome and we had 2 or 3 new couples was GREAT!!  My friend, mentioned above, baked me a cake and brought it.  So, when the waiter put it in front of me, our group of thirty-something all started singing "Happy Birthday" in the crazy, obnoxious way only they can.  It was a tad embarrassing but fun none the less.  It made me feel special, I love surprises FYI. So, Thursday I wake up and I felt great.  I think I'm supposed to feel like 34 is old and I'm creeping up in life. I don't!!  I feel great.  I look in the mirror and smile, not arrogantly. I'm thankful! 
I'm thankful for my husband, he is wonderful.  He loves me, just the way I am.  I have loved watching him come into his own as a lead pastor. I am so proud of him.  I love how he looks for the best in people and is quick to forgive. 
 I'm thankful for my kids, they are incredible.  I love listening to them laugh and play. I love that AL tells LJ what to say while they're playing pretend and he says it word for word. I love that when they're at a playground, they stay together and make sure each other are taken care of.  I love that they love each other.  (they sound perfect don't they??  they do fight really well too by the way.)
I'm thankful that I get to stay home with them and enjoy this time in their lives.  It has been a major sacrifice, ask EL but so worth it!!
I'm thankful that I'm a mom.  I realize that there are lots of women that struggle with conceiving, carrying, nurturing children. Being a mom is a privilege. 
I'm thankful for my parents and sister and HUGE extended family.  I have so many wonderful memories.
I'm thankful that I'm learning and growing in my relationship with Christ.  I'm thankful for a God who also loves me for me, imperfect.  I'm thankful that He nudges me to work on areas of me where my pride gets in the way, when my temper gets short with my kids and husband, when I feel self conscious, when I'm negative, controlling, holding a grudge, comparing myself with others.  I'm thankful that He loves me in spite of that crap that I struggle with. 
I'm thankful for Catalyst.  It has been so cool to be a part of a group of people who are who they are.  I love that they are authentic and real and genuine (yes, I realize those are synonyms).  I love that I don't go to a church that "plays" church but who is the church. 
I'm thankful for my friends.  I feel IMMENSELY blessed in this area.  This last weekend alone, I got teary eyed thinking about all my blessings AKA friends.  I got to spend Thursday night at Wicked with a group of some of the BEST Mommy friends I could ask for. Friday afternoon, I met a friend from the Mother's Day Out (and our church).  I've made great friends teaching at the MDO.  Friday, I met one of my YoYo's who was here in Dallas on vacation.  My YoYo's are incredible!!  Today, we spent the morning at the pool with Wonder Woman and her family.  I am surrounded by wonderful, caring friends.  I've thought about the song from Wicked, "Good."  The lyrics are, "because I knew you, I have been changed for good." That is so true for me with the friends I have in my life.  I love that!!
And this might be kind of dumb but, I'm thankful for music.  I love to sing.  This month has been my month off from the band.  I wasn't looking forward to it.  I think it has become part of my identity, which isn't all bad.  I really enjoyed being able to hang out in the lobby and help with some other projects.  It was a good break for me.  I've missed it and I'm glad I have missed it.  We met last week for camp practice.  That's the first time I've sang (not counting the car or shower) in a few weeks.  I want to look forward to that and this month I did.  So, that's good. I loved being able to just "be." It was a good change for me and it's allowed me to be a little more reflective. I need that!

So, for me, I'm looking forward to a kickin' 34th year.  I've got so much to be thankful for and I'm glad I'm starting my year with a happy, full heart!! 

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