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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week in Check

Okay so here's a run down on my week, it's been a crazy one! 
Monday- am-Keegan to doctor, then pharmacy, home for naps, me out to tutor, practice for ladies retreat
Tuesday- am- no school, me to doctor (walk in clinic that took FOREVER), pharmacy, grocery store, home for naps, Andrew & Marilyn for dinner, band practice
Wednesday-am- doctor for Addy (5 yr check up), Chiloso (much needed-ha!), home, C Group

It's been a week.  I love being busy but this week was a little much, ONLY because I was alone.  It was still good quite honestly.  Tonight, we had the Wilsons over for dinner. First and foremost, they are a lot of fun. I love to be able to be me, silly and all and just enjoy hanging out with people!  I love hearing people's stories, asking 20 questions, and telling my story too.  It was fun! 

I know I say it a lot and it's because I am so grateful, I love our Catalyst peeps!!!  I am so blessed to be apart of this group of people.  It is unique and refreshing and I get pretty emotional even thinking about it. 

I love my C Group too...we had 20 at our house last night (including kids).  It is always fun to catch up and live life together.  I'm finding the more questions we ask, the less I know.   I don't understand so much about why things happen but I'm learning people don't always want answers or explanations, just someone to listen and be genuine with them. 

Tomorrow night we're having a baby shower and I'm excited!!  I love babies & gabbing with women!! Fun times!

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